Monaco to share Covid screening success with the world

It has been announced that Monaco, in partnership with the Global Virus Network, will host an international conference on the importance of diagnostic testing in containing both the current Covid-19 pandemic, as well as any future pandemics. Prince Albert II is amongst those set to speak on the subject.
The conference, which will take place from 2nd to 3rd December, will unite academia, industry and government departments in the fight against viral diseases. Specifically, the conference will highlight the importance of diagnostic testing, with a particular focus on accessibility to diagnostics for low and middle-income countries.
In the Principality, there is a wide range of different Covid-19 tests readily available to citizens, from Antigen tests to PCR and saliva tests. In late August and early September, there was also a proliferation of testing in anticipation of a Covid surge as people returned from holidays and schools returned from the summer break. The Principality has reintroduced the mass, free testing programme this week, in order to avoid a rebound in cases post-half-term. This programme will run until Sunday 14th November.
It is largely thanks to Monaco’s testing capacity, and of course the vaccination programme, that the Principality has succeeded in controlling levels of infection. As Monaco welcomes the Covid Diagnostic Conference, the focus will be on emulating Monaco’s testing success in low and middle-income countries, and therefore ensuring equitable access to diagnostic testing.
The conference will be hosted by numerous bodies, including the Scientific Centre of Monaco, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Merieux Foundation and the Global Virus Network. Prince Albert will be giving the closing remarks at the conference.
It is hoped that the event will allow different sectors of society, from government to industry and science, to collaborate in finding new, innovative technologies in the fight against viral pathogens.
The conference will be in-person and digital. Registrations can be made here:
Photo by Stephane Danna / Government Communication Department