Monaco unveils its digital twin for tourists

Getting around Monaco can be a difficult task, particularly if you are a tourist. So, the government has just launched digital touch screens at two hotspots with the entire Principality laid out in 3D.

It’s a digital transition that just keeps on giving. This time, the government has launched 3D interactive screens at the Tourist Office and train station giving visitors, among other things, a virtual map of the Principality.

The move is part of the Extended Monaco programme and the Principality’s commitment to become a digitally smart country.

On Tuesday 2nd August, the government announced that it had installed two 3D screens at visitor hotspots.

The screens offer a virtual replica of the territory of Monaco in 3D. It is accompanied by useful information to help visitors get around.

“They aim to immerse the tourist in a virtual representation of the city and therefore promote a better understanding of its topography,” said Georges Gambarini, Manager of the Smart City. “The interest is to help them choose their activities while allowing them to better identify and visualise the pedestrian route to go from point A to a point B.”

The touch screens offer categories under major points of interest including Monuments And Iconic Places, Venues and Congresses, Beaches, Photo Spots, Shops and Markets, Museums and Parks and Gardens.

It also has itinerary suggestions, like ‘One day in Monaco’, ‘Formula 1 circuit’, and ‘Nature in the City’.

Chosen routes can be downloaded to mobile phones by scanning a QR code.

“Digital is a necessary complement today, even a real added value. The addition of a

digital twin, by its quality, is undeniable and further improves the visitor experience,” added Guy Antognelli, Director of Tourism and Conventions.

The initiative will be assessed at the end of summer, and the information will be used to determine evolutions in content and other possible deployments.



Photo credit: Michael Alesi, Government Communication Department