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Monaco welcomes new state-of-the-art equipment

Monaco welcomes new state-of-the-art equipment

By Stephanie Horsman - January 10, 2022

The Cardio-Thoracic Centre of Monaco has a new super high-tech machine, the first in the world, which is capable of detecting specific cardiovascular pathologies in patients.

The new photon counting scanner was officially inaugurated by the Cardio-Thoracic Centre, in the presence of Prince Albert, on 16th December.

In a major win for the Principality, the scanner has the ability to directly transform x-ray photons into electrical signals to be counted without any loss of information.

“This improves sharpness and contrast,” said the Centre in a press release. “The images, obtained in an extremely short time, contain more relevant diagnostic information and greater precision. This new technology makes it possible to considerably increase the resolution of the images and to access the infinitely small.”

This kind of image accuracy has several advantages. It allows doctors to make more informed clinical decisions on treatment options as well as allowing patients to benefit from a non-invasive, highly accurate diagnosis.

Experts say that the side-effects felt by previous versions are all but eradicated, making it “possible to considerably reduce the dose of radiation and the quantity of contrast product injected, with the same diagnostic confidence. The examination is thus better tolerated by fragile patients.”


Photo source: Cardio-Thoracic Centre




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