Monaco welcomes the Munegu Repair Café

Pull out all those broken, transportable items lying around the house and take them to the Munegu Repair Café at the Condamine Market this weekend.

Ripped clothes, chipped crockery, broken toys… everyone has a certain number of items hanging around that never get repaired, but also don’t get thrown out.

Now those items have a chance for a new lease on life at the upcoming Munegu Repair Café (Monaco Repair Café).

Affiliated with the Nice Repair Café, it’s to be a free event at the Condamine Market on Saturday 2nd April from 3:30pm to 6pm for people to bring transportable pieces to this central location to help make the repairs needed to make them almost like new again.

Tools and materials are on hand, as well as expert volunteers with skills in a variety of fields. Together, the specialists and the customer work together to mend broken items whilst at the same time learning the skills to make future repairs at home.

There are over 2,200 Repair Cafés worldwide. Advocates say they are a fun way to do good for the environment as well as being a confidence booster for people who may not have believed they had the necessary skill to make minor repairs on their own.

The pieces salvaged by Repair Cafes mean less waste goes into dumps, raw material usage is reduced, and CO2 emissions are cut because recycling uses less energy than manufacturing things new.

The idea for this ingenious scheme is Martine Postma who launched the first Repair Café in 2009 in her effort to promote sustainability in her neighbourhood in Amsterdam. Since then, it has spread to dozens of other countries around the globe such as the UK, Germany, France, Japan and India.

Access to the Munegu Repair Café is free. For more info, contact