Monaco’s Anne Eastwood expands ambassadorial reach to Malta and San Marino

Since leaving her post as High Commissioner for the Protection of Rights, Freedoms and Mediation in 2022, Anne Eastwood’s career path has evolved into one of international diplomacy. 

Already Ambassador of Monaco to Italy and Slovenia, the 48-year-old now adds both Malta and San Marino to her list of postings with some of the Principality’s closest and most important allies.  

Eastwood first presented her Letters of Credence to President of Malta George Vella at the the Palazz tal Granmastru in Valletta on 30th January.  

During a private audience, Eastwood and President Vella discussed the cordial relationship between Monaco and Malta. The two countries maintain many of the same values and interests, notably the shared beliefs in bringing about progress and actively taking part in international forums, particularly those on environmental matters.  

Anne Eastwood with Malta President George Vella. Photo source: Monaco Government

A lunch followed at the President’s residence, the Sant’Anton Palace, where Ambassador Eastwood also had the chance to meet with Malta’s Minister of Foreign and European Affairs and Trade, Ian Borg. According to the Monaco Government, the pair discussed “avenues of cooperation” in sectors such as yachting, tourism and artificial intelligence, as well as weightier matters involving the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East.  

The following day, Eastwood met with the President of the House of Representatives, Angelo Ferrugia, before visiting the headquarters of Epic, Malta’s top mobile telephone and communications company that has been a subsidiary of Monaco Telecom since 2020. 

Then on 9th February, Eastwood headed to Monaco’s fellow microstate of San Marino to meet with Rossana Michelotti, the Honorary Consul of Monaco to San Marino, and present her Letters of Credence to Filippo Tamagnini and Gaetano Troina, the Captains Regents of the Republic of San Marino. 

Anne Eastwood is pictured alongside San Marino officials. Photo source: Monaco Government

In a ceremony held at the Palazzo Publicco, the new Monegasque representative was welcomed by seven counterparts also taking their places as non-resident Ambassadors.  

The day prior, Eastwood met with the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Luca Beccari, before a meeting with members of the San Marino Chamber of Commerce. There, the group spoke of the historical ties between the two nations, as well as the similar sizes and populations of both countries and their shared views on potential future agreements with the European Union.  

Eastwood notably congratulated Director of the San Marino Financial Intelligence Agency Nicola Muccioli on his election as Chairperson of the Council of Europe’s Committee of Experts on the Evaluation of Anti-Money Laundering Measures and the Financing of Terrorism (MONEYVAL).  

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Main photo source: Karl Paul Baldacchino, Unsplash