Monaco's contribution to the Gardens of Artists

Monaco’s Urban Planning Department is taking part in the Côte d’Azur Garden Festival with its creation ‘The reflection of infinity’.
The Côte d’Azur Garden Festival will take place from 9th May to 11th June and Monaco will have its own installation in the Principality from Saturday 3rd April on the terraces of the Monte-Carlo Casino.
This 3rd edition of the festival revolves around the theme ‘Gardens of Artists’, and designer Timothée Roche describes his creation for Monaco as follows:
The reflection of infinity
Under the scorching Mediterranean sun, a space takes shape.
Vertical and bushy silhouettes paint the landscape that we discover.
Other shapes, this time geometric and angular, provide an architectural reading of this place.
Colours, reliefs, materials, all different, make up this paradise setting.
In this garden, ideas appear clear and limpid to us like the water that envelops the visitor and softens the temperature of the steep coasts.
Imagine then projecting onto the reflections of a misted glass the foreshadowing of a visit to infinity.