Monaco’s digital defence evolution: unveiling the new Sovereign SOC

Monaco is making a name for itself in the world of cybersecurity. At Les Assises, the renowned cybersecurity event at the Grimaldi Forum, a revolutionary development was revealed that will reshape the Principality’s digital defences.

Les Assises brings together experts, officials, and cybersecurity professionals to explore the latest trends. Presenting innovative cybersecurity companies, it’s a vital platform for knowledge exchange, addressing critical questions within the field, and ensuring readiness for current and future challenges.

In an intimate conference at the heart of the event, Monaco’s ground breaking move that reinforces digital defences was introduced: the launch of the first private Sovereign Security Operations Centre (SOC) in the Principality.

They key speakers at the conference were Frédéric Fautrier, Director of the Monegasque Digital Security Agency, Freddy Milesi, Co-founder and President of cybersecurity company, Anthony Boira, Managing Director of Monaco Cloud, and Sébastien Massé, CEO of Monaco Cyber Security.

Les Assises at the Grimaldi Forum 2023, photo by Monaco Life

Navigating the cybersecurity challenges

The leader of the conference, Sébastien Massé, started by addressing a pressing issue: data breaches costing a staggering €4 million each. Sébastien emphasised the vital role of cybersecurity in the digital age, adding, “Monaco has an ambitious cybersecurity system with many pillars”.

Addressing these pillars, Frédéric Fautrier, Director of the Monegasque Digital Security Agency, highlighted the integration of cybersecurity into Monaco’s cloud infrastructure, which “reinforces digital defences and accelerates information systems”, he told Monaco Life.

Another challenge was stressed by Freddy Milesi, Co-founder and President of, who said that  “the importance of reliable real-time information and adopting a multi-cloud strategy” is imperative in overcoming cybersecurity challenges.

A united effort for stronger cybersecurity

In response to these challenges, the Monegasque Digital Security Agency,, Monaco Cloud, and Monaco Cyber Security joined forces to establish the Sovereign SOC. Massé reiterated the core mission: “To protect and react, providing a secure environment where data breaches are swiftly addressed”.

The Sovereign SOC will ensure rapid responses to emerging threats. Anthony Boira, Managing Director of Monaco Cloud, also emphasised its goal to “enhance enterprise resilience”, further strengthening Monaco’s cybersecurity infrastructure.

As the conference concluded, the four key speakers signed the establishment of the Sovereign SOC, setting it into motion.

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Photo by Monaco Life