Monaco’s economic strength highlighted to finance experts

Minister of Finance and Economy Jean Castellini has presented the economic attractiveness of the Principality to more than a hundred financial experts from across the globe.

The Central Banks Seminar was held in Monaco on Wednesday, during which the government spoke of the specifics that make it an attractive country economically and an attractive financial centre.

“The Monegasque economy is based on a virtuous model, where the safety and stability of the environment are synonymous with trust in residents and international investors which contribute to the growth and sustainability of the economic model, and ultimately to the balance of public finances,” said Mr Castellini.

Organised by Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank (Crédit Agricole CIB), the three-day seminar is addressing various topics including investment opportunities, green finance, and future markets.


Photo: ©Direction de la Communication / Manuel Vitali