Monaco’s population hits highest level so far

There are now 39,150 residents in Monaco, according to the latest report by IMSEE, signalling a rise of over 2% on the previous year, and almost 4,000 more than in 2008.

Monaco’s population is on the rise. As of the 31st December 2021, the resident population of the Principality hit 39,150 according to estimates made by IMSEE, the statistics office of the Monaco government.

Monaco’s residents are fairly evenly split, with women outnumbering men 19,068 to 18,240. Across all age groups, the numbers are fairly even, until the 75+ age group, where women outnumber men by nearly 600.

The non-Monegasque residents of the Principality are, perhaps not surprisingly, overwhelmingly French. There are 9,286 French residents, outnumbering the Monegasques, who are numbered at 8,378. Italians are the next biggest group in Monaco, with a resident population of 8,172. From there it drops off significantly, with the Brits, who come in at 2,795, the Swiss at 1,187, and the Belgians at 1,073.

The other foreign lands represented to lesser degrees include Germany, Russia, Holland, Portugal, Greece, America, Sweden, Canada and Spain.

The population of Monaco tends to live coupled up, with 59.1% doing so, well over the 40.9% who live alone.

Married couples make up 45.3% of the population, divorcees are 10%. Singletons make up nearly a quarter of the population, at 23.1%, whilst widows and widowers are 6.7%. Kids 16 and under are 14.9% of the total population.



Photo by Monaco Life