Monaco’s population of Monegasques nears 10,000-mark

Monaco’s citizen population rose by 1.1% over the course to 2023, according to a new report by IMSEE. Monegasques now number 9,790.  

On 14th March, the Mairie de Monaco held a special ceremony formally announcing the 68 people who had acquired Monegasque citizenship in 2023.

But they weren’t the only newcomers to the population, which is now nearing the 10,000-mark. 

104 new babies holding Monegasque citizenship at birth, by virtue of one or both of their parents, were born in 2023. The 54 girls and 50 boys were born to mothers of an average age of 32.

The Principality sadly lost 71 nationals during those 12 months: 37 women and 34 men.   

The report from IMSEE, Monaco’s official statistical agency, acknowledged the typically long lives led by its citizens. The average life expectancy is close to 87 years, which rises to 90 for the Principality’s female nationals.  


There were slightly more women with Monegasque nationality recorded in 2023 than men; the split is 5,319 to 4,471, equating to a 54.3% share for women and a 45.7% share for men.  

The average age of a Monegasque citizen is 45 years old, with men being notably younger than women. The average age for Monegasque men is 41.9, while for women, it is 47.6 years of age.


19% of the population is under 16, with the same percentage falling into the 17 to 34 age group. Those aged 35 to 49 make up 15% of the total population, while 50 to 64-year-olds make up 20%. The largest group of citizens is those aged 65 and over, who make up a full 27%.  

While the Monegasque population grew in 2023, the overall population living in the Principality fell to 36,297.  


Just 69 marriages involving at least one Monegasque citizen were celebrated in 2023, compared to 100 in 2022. The ages of the newly espoused were similar between men and women, with men being 33.6 years old on average and women being slightly younger at 30.7.  

There were 20 divorces last year; the Principality’s overall divorce rate is a low 2.1%.  


Monegasque citizenship is primarily achieved by being born to a Monegasque parent, which offers the benefit regardless of where the individual is born, but it can also be obtained through marriage.

The law is clear on how this works, with the Mon Service Publique website stating, “The spouse of a Monegasque national can acquire Monegasque nationality by declaration 10 years after the date of the marriage provided that: at the time of their application, they continue to live together with their Monegasque spouse, except in cases of widowhood where the individual has not remarried.”  

Finally, in rare cases, people can become citizens by appealing directly to the Palais Princier de Monaco. The naturalisation process follows a strict set of criteria and even if a person fulfils all requirements, the Prince and his government are not obliged to grant the request.  

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Photo credit: Palais Princier de Monaco