Monaco’s “sustainable business” list hits 100 milestone

A major achievement for the eco-focused Principality: 100 shops and restaurants in Monaco have joined a campaign for sustainable and eco-friendly business practice. 

In the summer of 2022, the number of shops and restaurants in Monaco with the Commerce Engagé or Restaurant Engagé accreditation officially hit the milestone figure of 100, prompting a celebration to acknowledge and recognise the businesses.  

The event was held on Friday 2nd December at Stars’n’Bars, itself a proud representative for the Restaurant Engagé label, and was led by Céline Caron-Dagioni, Monaco’s Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development. 

As a tribute to Monaco’s commitment, an artwork by Mr. One Teas was commissioned to represent the Commerce Engagé logo. This was complemented by a short film by Franck Florino, which was made up of a series of time-lapses capturing the streets of Monaco. Finally, a detailed and beautifully composed directory that showcases each of the 100 businesses paired with a series of black and white photographs by Jean-Charles Vinaj and a description of the Engagé procedure was presented.  

Valérie Davenet, the environmental director for the Monegasque government, explained that the directory aims to “shed light on the establishments with the label, to encourage them to pursue their eco-responsible approach, [and] also to raise awareness of the labels and let consumers know that a sustainable consumption solution exists in the Principality”.  

The Commerce Engagé approach was developed by Ecoscience Provence and has been used as a tool for demonstrating a sustainable approach to consumption for over ten years. Active across 10 territories in France and Monaco, since 2017, and made up of more than 700 eco-responsible professionals, the programme awards businesses with one of four labels: Commerce Engagé for shops, Producteur Engagé for producers, Restaurant Engagé for restaurants and Marché Engagé for markets. These labels allow consumers to easily identify eco-conscious brands and make responsible choices, whilst simultaneously motivating businesses to become members. 

For more information and a list of the businesses, please click here.


Photo source: Monaco Communications Department