Monaco’s Tip Top restaurant begins new chapter with MC Hospitality Group

Monaco’s iconic Tip Top restaurant has transitioned into a new era under the ownership of MC Hospitality Group and Michelin star Chef Antonio Salvatore, who’s aiming to blend traditional charm with modern culinary innovation at the famous eatery.

The acquisition of the iconic Tip Top restaurant, located at 11 avenue des Spélugues, by MC Hospitality Group, a notable force in the luxury dining sector with establishments in both Monaco and New York, marks a pivotal moment for this historic Monaco dining venue. Founded in 1938, it has long been celebrated for its simple charm and accessibility in the ritzy district of Monte-Carlo.

“Preserving traditions while innovating for the future”

At the forefront of this new chapter is Michelin-starred Chef Antonio Salvatore, who has reimagined Tip Top’s culinary offerings. Emphasising the use of high-quality local ingredients and a commitment to maintaining the restaurant’s legendary status, Salvatore says, “At Tip Top, we believe in the importance of preserving traditions while innovating for the future.”

The interior of Tip Top 

Tip Top’s rich history and status as a cultural landmark in Monaco have made it a favourite among both local and international clients. Known for its lively ambiance, the restaurant now serves a wide array of dishes that cater to diverse tastes, from salads and pizzas to burgers and fresh seafood, together with an expansive selection of wines and cocktails.

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The restaurant’s recent renovation by MC Hospitality Group and its reopening on Friday 15th March forms part of the group’s strategic ambition to meld Tip Top’s traditions with a forward-looking gastronomic approach.

MC Hospitality Group own Rampoldi Monte-Carlo and La Table d’Antonio Salvatore in Monaco, as well as New York restaurants Atlantic Grill, Casa Limone, Rampoldi NYC and Patisserie de Monte-Carlo.


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