MonacoTech celebrates its first year of existence

© Directorate of Communication / Michael Alesi

Officially inaugurated by the Sovereign Prince, MonacoTech, the startup programme created by the Monegasque State, in partnership with Monaco Telecom and Xavier Niel, has become an integral part of the local economic landscape.

© Directorate of Communication / Michael Alesi
© Directorate of Communication / Michael Alesi

MonacoTech supports companies or projects of innovative companies with high growth potential to establish themselves in the Principality in the long term, so that they fully benefit from the Monegasque ecosystem while being in harmony with the vision and Monaco’s strategy.

The positioning chosen is based on several key principles: high selectivity, high standards, attractive, high-end and collaborative environments, tailor-made follow-up and constant challenge to entrepreneurs.

After a little over a year of existence, MonacoTech launched 3 calls for applications: June, September 2017 and April 2018, totaling more than 230 applications from some 30 countries. 24 startups were supported and 16 startups are still in the program.

The sectors represented are varied (cleantech, fintech, medtech, smart city, yachting, storage, space industry, events) and are all relevant for development in the Principality. Since the launch of MonacoTech, the jobs created in Monaco (excluding trainees) number 24.

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