MonacoTech launches the 4th call for projects

4th MonacoTech call for projects

Since its launch in 2017, MonacoTech, the startups program created by the Monaco State in partnership with Monaco Telecom, has supported 24 startups, 14 of which are still going.

In order to continue to detect new innovative startups, a new call for projects is open on

MonacoTech selects ambitious and innovative projects in line with Monaco’s strategy.

Successful startups are encouraged to grow in a trusted environment in which their members benefit not only from a single global ecosystem, but also from personalized monitoring and a best practices program.

4th MonacoTech call for projects
4th MonacoTech call for projects

Startups are, however, reviewed every six months by an independent committee to assess their progress.

The Monegasque incubator therefore offers project sponsors:

  • Personalised follow-up (individual roadmaps and specific methods) coached by the Director of the Program and the Director of MonacoTech,
  • Regular mentoring,
  • Custom workshops,
  • Formations,
  • Connections with the main actors of the ecosystem: experts, mentors, investors, partners…
  • Visibility and events organised by the incubator,
  • Sharing experiences between startups.