MonacoTech start-up to launch travel app

Travel application Trippers, created by a Monaco-based start-up, is hitting Google Play and Apple Stores this month to help make planning a getaway less stressful and way more fun.
Monaco resident Charlotte Franzellin found that, as designated trip planner for her and her friends, the process had become more of a chore than a pleasure. So, she decided to do something about it. She came up with the idea for an app that could plan a holiday on a single platform, eliminating the need to book everything separately and help to narrow decisions.
This app is being launched on 22nd June and is called Trippers.
“For many of us, planning a trip can both be exciting and overwhelming,” says Charlotte Franzellin. “After moving back to Europe two years ago, I’ve spent a lot of time identifying the best destinations my friends and I could travel to, since we all lived in different cities. As the ‘planner friend’ of the group, it always took me ages to find what to do, where to eat, and how it could all fit into one weekend.
“The more I planned, the more inefficient I found the whole experience of planning to be and that’s when I started Trippers. I wanted to create something that would make it easy and fun to go away with friends. An app that could replace the endless group chats and spreadsheets and simplify how decisions are taken.”
The app helps not only with the obvious: accommodations, flights or attractions, but it also provides users with inspiration on what to do and has a way to preserve memories made. Based on a traditional travel agency model, Trippers has used a Millennial generation approach and reinvented the bits that worked and modernised what is outdated to fit the needs of the travelers of today. This means more personalised, affordable, flexible and efficient services for clients.
Trippers allows for trip planning for up to four people. It will find a destination the whole group likes with the most optimal flights, then will create an itinerary with activities and experiences. Groups of more than five people can request the Trippers one-on-one travel service which comes with assistance from a travel expert.
The app will also give real-time suggestions for additional help once on the ground at the destination, as well as accommodate last-minute changes. Currently, the app is covering more than 85 European destinations, and hopes to expand beyond the continent soon.
“This past year has been tough for everyone, especially for Millennials like us who can’t wait to see their friends and travel again,” says Co-founder Alicia Verrando. “Now that travelling safely is an option, we want to play our part in relaunching our local economies highly dependent on tourism to strive and want to help travelers do the same. While exotic travels may still be off the books for the next couple of months, we think European travel is more of a reality today. Europe is not only what we know best, but also what we think is safe to promote at the moment, which is why we’ve decided to launch with European destinations only.”
To start things off with a bang, the app is offering a 24-hour launch promotion starting at 9am on the 22ndoffering a free trip plan for anyone who downloads the app and signs in that day, a service that usually costs €74.95.