MonacoTech welcomes six new start-ups for 2022

Get to know the new projects that business incubator MonacoTech has selected to support and nurture this year, which range from an algorithm that detects cancer to hybrid powertrains.

A formal call was put out in September 2021 for new companies to apply to MonacoTech, the Principality’s government-backed start-up incubator, offering a chance to take their businesses farther, faster.

A jury of entrepreneurs selected a half dozen projects, joining the 11 other start-ups already under the wing of the incubator.

Upon being chosen, the six companies started with a seven-week internal support programme that included face time with experts. At the end of this period, on 24th February, MonacoTech organised a ‘Demo Day’ allowing the start-ups to pitch their projects and reveal their first steps and the changes made since their integration.

The complete programme goes on for 18 months, and will include personalised follow-ups, weekly one-on-one meetings, and thematic workshops.

The companies selected include three in MedTech, one in GreenTech and two in the digital realm. 

The first is InnoDeep, which has created an algorithm that detects cancer, and uses 3D reconstructions to determine the evolution and spread of the disease. The technology is based on the “correlation between human expertise and artificial intelligence,” allowing doctors to spot cancers quickly and accurately. They have found the technology to be particularly effective in the detection of early-stage breast cancers.

Next up is Trimed. Using an ecological approach, Trimed’s objective is to reduce the stock of expired health products by selling them at a discount before they hit their expiration dates. Pharmacists can reduce the number of unsold items, making for less overall waste and more effective product management.

The single green start-up is from eH2P. They offer the sale of engineering and manufacturing services in the aeronautics, motorsport, maritime, defence, off-road and energy sectors. eH2P designs and builds advanced powertrains including internal combustion engines, hydrogen powered engines, electric motors, batteries and hydrogen tanks, as well as hybrid powertrains.

Meanwhile, Infineis has developed a medical device which is adapted to each individual patient to simplify intracranial surgeries. The system has huge potential in the treatment of brain tumours and deafness. It is also applicable to veterinary surgery, making it a boon for our furry friends as well.

On a fun note, SimWin gives everyone a shot at being a professional race car driver. Using complementary support services, users develop skills, build their competitive spirit and have the opportunity to become a pro.

Finally, there is Bolt Cam. This company is offering an “innovative and immersive broadcasting experience” for concerts and major sports or cultural events giving live events a fully engaged audience.




Photo from left to right: Baptiste Leroy, Alexandre Courtès, Jean François Nicolino, Nicolò Monic, Leonardo Bernasconi, Simone Cunati, Jean Nicolas Vincenti and Steeve Chantrel