Monarchy property prices

House prices are 91% higher in monarchy nations, but who sits on the throne of global monarchy property prices?
The latest research from high-net-worth (HNW) mortgage broker Enness Global has examined current nations with a monarchy at the helm and discovered which ones comes out on top with regards to royal property prices.
On average, the current property price per square metre (sqm) across nations with a monarchy is €2,870, 91% higher than nations without a monarchy.
When it comes to the most prestigious property price monarch, Prince Albert II of Monaco claims the throne with a current average price of €47,650 per sq m.
Luxembourg is the next most prestigious monarchy property market, with Henri Grand Duke of Luxembourg presiding over an average property price of €9,690 per sq m.
Japan’s Emperor Naruhito places third with the current cost of buying at €7,870 per sq m.
Norway (€5,700), Kuwait (€5,640) and Sweden (€5,290) also rank highly, while Queen Elizabeth II comes in at seventh, but not with the UK. Australia is home to a current average property cost of €5,090, making it the jewel in the property crown of the Queen.
Denmark ranks next (€5,020) with the UK coming in at number nine (€4,770) and another property empire of the UK monarch, New Zeland (€4,470), completing the top 10.
“It doesn’t get much higher in high society than rubbing shoulders with a royal,” said Managing Director of Enness Global Mortgages Hugh Wade-Jones. “As a result, some of the most prestigious pockets of the global property market are situated in and around a royal residence. This seems to influences house prices at the top level, with nations home to a monarch commanding almost double that of their monarch-less counterparts.”