Monegasque boats sanctioned for French waters

Yachts flying the Monegasque flag have been given official authorisation by maritime decree to travel or stopover in French territorial waters.  

France and Monaco have had longstanding reciprocal agreements on many things, due largely in part to the fact that France surrounds Monaco on three sides, making these agreements beneficial to all concerned.  

The one side of Monaco not enrobed by France borders the sea. So, it seems only logical that the Principality and France would have cause to give each other certain access to the territorial waters of the other.

By a maritime decree dated 18th May, the French have granted rights to Monegasque vessels in their waters, and conversely, boats bearing the flag of France have the right to navigate and stopover in Monaco.

Stopovers at the port and at anchor are limited along the coastline to a maximum distance of 54 nautical miles, about 100km, from the ports of Monaco for French craft.

For the moment, pleasure craft looking to moor are still subjected to the current rules regarding lockdown and deconfinement in each individual municipality. Sailors must therefore appeal to the town hall before assuming they will be welcome in port. Additionally, a call by VHF or phone must be made by any vessel entering French waters.


 Photo: Waters off Cannes, Pixabay