Monegasque icon needs your support

One of Monaco’s most precious institutions, the Oceanographic Museum, is in need of support as the Covid-19 crisis strips the tourist-dependant attraction of crucial funds.

Closures of public places due to the coronavirus epidemic have affected many businesses and places of interest. The Monaco-based Oceanographic Institute, which encompasses the Oceanographic Museum and the House of the Oceans in Paris, are amongst those who have been seriously hit by the crisis.

Ticket sale-dependent revenues are down 70% on the year as all events and activities were forced to be put on hold for more than two months. This has left the institute in a position to call on the public to help in keeping the important work they do alive by asking for donations.

As a public entity, all donors are entitled to use their gifts as an income tax deduction of 66% of the amount given. For IFI donors, this amount is 75% up to €50,000.

“The trials we are going through create the need to reinvent ourselves even more deeply, to rebuild the link between people, species, the planet and the ocean,” said Robert Calcagno, Director General of the Oceanographic Institute. “This is why, more than ever, we need your donations to get through this crisis, face it and prepare with you the future, with a strengthened determination and enthusiasm.”

Since its creation in 1906, the Institute has been dedicated to the seas and their protection. The institute has made it their mission to educate the public and cultivate wonder of the oceans, as well as to mobilise the community to help the modern day problems the world’s seas are facing.

Donations will go directly to the facilities reliant on the funds from the Institute and will include caring for marine animals in the Monaco Centre for the Care of Marine Species, offering educational activities, aquarium upkeep, continuing research work and programmes on ocean life and protection, and offering experiences and exhibitions. 

To be part of this remarkable heritage and to contribute, just visit the dedicated website at