Monte Carlo Beer adds new non-alcoholic brew and a tasty IPA to its cellars

Monaco’s very own brewer, Monte Carlo Beer, is adding two new bottles to its stores this autumn: a 6% IPA and a refreshing non-alcoholic blonde. Both have been meticulously crafted over the past six months to entice the taste buds of beer enthusiasts all along the Riviera. 

In just four years, Monte Carlo Beer (MCB), which was founded by childhood friends William Scheffer and Anthony Orengo, has gained a devoted following and grown to service 100 distribution points exclusively on the Côte d’Azur.  

However, in the post-COVID era, both customers and brand enthusiasts’ expectations are evolving, and it was this realisation that prompted MCB to launch an Indian Pale Ale and a non-alcoholic option.  

MCB IPA: a burst of bold flavours 

The 6% IPA is a bold celebration of current brewing trends. It dazzles the palate with an intense hop richness that delicately balances the sweetness of malts with the bitterness of hops, all crowned by seductive notes of red fruits.  

monte carlo beer
Monte Carlo Beer’s new 6% Indian Pale Ale. Photo supplied

Non-alcoholic Blonde: a breeze of freshness 

MCB’s is committed to pleasing all its drinkers, and this non-alcoholic blonde beer stands as a testament to that dedication. The beer is light and refreshing, whilst making no compromises on taste. Each sip is a reminder of the unique signature of Monte Carlo Beer. 

“These two new creations have been pre-approved by connoisseurs and friends during MCB’s recent Crew Love event, and we are excited to contribute to the heritage of Monaco’s brewing tradition,” shares Orengo. 

monte carlo beer
The new light and refreshing alcohol-free beer from Monte Carlo Beer. Photo supplied

Visionaries with global inspiration  

For Scheffer and Orengo, these two brews represent a culmination of their vision. Their journeys and experiences around the world have provided them with ample inspiration to develop projects focused on community and collaboration. 

Both exciting new beers are already available on the MCB website and will be hitting partner retailers on 23rd October.

Cheers to these new additions and the evolving tradition of fine brewing in the Principality!


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Photo source: Monte Carlo Beer / Facebook