Moon-Art and Co: by students of Lycée Albert I

© Directorate of Communication - Michael Alesi

As part of the Arts classes Terminal programme, a number of students from the Lycée Albert I first took this optional discipline, devised a unique performance they have just read to all students and staff of their establishment.

© Directorate of Communication - Michael Alesi
© Directorate of Communication – Michael Alesi

To mark the 50th anniversary of the first steps of man on the moon, these students have fully achieved this performance, titled “Moon and Co-Art” as part of their programme History of Art.

The audience was able to:

  • associate with the process of creation of a contemporary work “cacodylate”;
  • immerse yourself in a lunar landscape;
  • enjoy “lunar” food;
  • plant a Monegasque flag in a lunar soil, leaving footprints, so that this realization remains “a small step for the Man and a big step for the Art”.

These young and talented artists will present their creation in June, before the jury of the Baccalaureate (2019 edition).