More 2024 Paris Olympic Games tickets have been released

With less than six months before the opening ceremony of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, a fresh set of tickets has been released for sale.  

From 8th February, it will be possible to nab spots at popular events in iconic venues such as the equestrian category, which will be hosted at the Château de Versailles, the judo division in the Champs de Mars Arena, fencing at the Grand Palais and tennis at Roland Garros.  

In addition to more spaces to events being available to the public, tickets for the ceremonies will also be up for grabs, notably the Paralympic Closing Ceremony, where prices start at just €45.  

Organisers do warn that this crop of tickets will be quite limited, but asks those keen to attend the Games, which are taking place from 26th July to 11th August, not to be too disheartened if they miss out. 

“There will be a series of ticket releases at regular intervals over the next few weeks and up to the Games, offering many opportunities to buy tickets for this exceptional event,” reads an announcement on the Paris 2024 official website. “These surprise releases by the ticket office, which will be announced only a few days in advance, will give you the chance to buy tickets for all the sports of the Games.” 

Click here to visit the ticket office. 

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Photo source: Margarida Louro, Unsplash