More than 1,500 scam phone calls reported in Monaco in 48 hours

In the past 48 hours, more than 1,500 reports of a malicious phone call scam have been logged in Monaco. Now the government has issued a warning to all residents regarding the deceptive campaign that is targeting unsuspecting and predominantly elderly victims.  

Following a surge in the number of concerning incidents related to the scam, the Monegasque government is seeking to warn all residents in the Principality about a wave of malicious phone calls originating from foreign operators.  

More than 1,500 such calls from scammers posing as law enforcements officers and lawyers have been logged in the last 48 hours, and many victims have been repeatedly targeted. 

The perpetrators allege that a family member of the respondent has been involved or implicated in a serious traffic accident. They then try to coerce victims into gathering a significant sum of money or personal items such as jewellery to supposedly aid their loved one. 

Vigilance urged amid escalating phone scam threat 

Monaco residents are strongly advised to exercise heightened vigilance in the face of this scam. Residents are urged to resist responding to these calls and to refrain from complying with any requests made by the callers.  

Those who receive such a call should block all associated phone numbers in an effort to prevent any further contact.  

All calls should be reported to the Police Department. Contact information can be found here

The Monegasque authorities say they are actively investigating the incidents to ensure the safety and security of Monaco’s residents.  


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Photo source: Jae Park, Unsplash