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The number of people officially infected with Covid-19 has risen to 84 in Monaco: 5 cured, 11 hospitalised, 3 in ICU

Motorway junction, health and social issues discussed at French-Monaco meeting

Motorway junction, health and social issues discussed at French-Monaco meeting

By Staff Writer - January 28, 2018

Photo: DC
Photo: DC

The 10th meeting of the French-Monegasque Cooperation Commission was held in the Principality on Friday, January 26, under the joint chairmanship of HE Maurice Gourdault Montagne, Secretary General of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, and HE Serge Telle, Monaco’s Minister of State.

This Commission, whose last session was held in May 2016, was established by the Treaty of October 24, 2002, which stated that the close and special relations between the Principality of Monaco and the French Republic formed “a community of destiny”.

The Monegasque delegation included all the members of Government and the Ambassador of Monaco in France. In the French delegation was the French Ambassador to Monaco, as well as the Secretary General of the Prefecture of the Alpes-Maritimes and the Sub-Prefect Nice-Montagne.

The two sides spoke about the negotiations of an association agreement between the Principality and the European Union. In particular, they discussed the impact of these negotiations on existing bilateral treaties and points of common interest.

Among the other items on the agenda, the parties talked about the question of French residents in Monaco regarding housing, the payment by the Monegasques of the General Social Contribution (CSG) and the Social Debt Repayment Contribution (CRDS) for their income on goods in France, the treatment of traffic offences detected by cameras, and also the terms under which Monegasque companies can apply during French public procurement processes.

The parties also welcomed the joint efforts to open the Beausoleil motorway junction. In a spirit of cooperation and goodwill, these constructive exchanges also focused on health and social issues, such as the opening of the new CHPG Palliative Care Unit, and the possibility of welcoming French medical interns into the CHPG community.

The two delegations also referred to the situation and training of unemployed residents in the Principality.

Finally, the two parties agreed on their commitment to strategic thinking on strengthening cross-border cooperation and the future of the Franco-Monegasque region.


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