Music, theatre and dance: Summer at the Fort Antoine

Beginning next month, Monaco’s historically important outdoor venue, the Fort Antoine, will be offering the public a captivating array of live performances and events, with everything from traditional Corsican music to Cuban jazz on the agenda. 

The action will get underway on 2nd July with a concert featuring a duo from Porto-Vecchio, Fred and Nico Dumani, and drummer Francè Zullo. The trio will be performing a tribute to Corsica’s musical traditions with ‘Dumani Iseme’.  

On 12th July, Cuban artist Ana Carla Maza will perform her album ‘Caribe’, which blends jazz, classical music and Latin rhythms. 

The annual ‘Les Talents du Fort’ event on 19th July will showcase young Monegasque and local artists. Expect everything from circus acts to performances by budding actors and singers.  

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Later, on 23rd July, Clara Ysé will present her album ‘Oceano Nox’, followed by the Baptiste Trotignon Trio on 25th July, a quirky group that mixes jazz with English pop music.  

Intersecting these musical events will be a series of theatrical performances, such as ‘En Cas de Péril Imminent’ by Jérôme Rouger on 5th July and ‘Le Tir Sacré’ by Marine Colard and Esse Vanderbruggen on 16th July. The latter will explore sports commentary through drama and dance. 

The season will conclude on 30th July with ‘Parler Pointu’, a piece by Benjamin Tholozan and Hélène François that addresses the standardisation of regional accents and glottophobia, discrimination against people based on their accents. 

Lie-Lou Khemila, a 22-year-old Monegasque artist who performed at the programme’s press unveiling in mid-June, told Monaco Life, “I find the programme quite complete as it includes pretty much everything… I am especially excited that the programme includes the Open Stage event (Les Talents du Fort) for young Monegasque artists like me.”

The events, which are all organised by the Principality’s Department of Cultural Affairs, are completely free of charge to attend and are open to the public, but reservations are recommended. To reserve a seat at one or more of the dates, click here.  

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Photo credit for main image of Lie-Lou Khemila: Manuel Vitali / Monaco Communications Department