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#MyMonacoStyle Weekend Report 

#MyMonacoStyle Weekend Report 

By Louis Pisano, Style - October 23, 2017

weekendoct23Bonjour Monaco! Welcome to another week of shopping, champagne popping, and name dropping in the Principality. How was your weekend? What did you do? Did you hit up the All Saints Fair on the port or did the sounds of children have you running off to the Wine Palace to calm your nerves?

The weather is getting crispy and so are the fashion fits around town. In Monaco details are everything. Whether you are Angela Orlova, and the thought of leaving the house without your diamonds send a chill up your spine, or Alessandro Egger with your perfectly puffed pocket square, remember … I see everything. Call me your friendly neighborhood style spy.


@helirena I told you guys I didn’t want to see any florals after summer’s finish but hey, as long as it’s autumnally toned it gets a passing mark from me. Helirena gets +10 points for being super on trend with that red Gucci Marmont bag perfectly coordinated with her makeup look but loses some because girl … next time get housekeeping to steam that dress before going out. This is Monaco. We don’t do wrinkles on our clothes or faces. Overall she looks stunning, the look compliments her skin tone and hair colour making her glow like a fall sunset.

Alessandro EggerAlessandro Egger

@alessandroegger Italian-Serbian actor/model Alessandro Egger was spotted bopping around town this weekend now that he’s finished on the television adventure competition show Pechino Express. While it was a sunny few days, Alessandro was feeling gray in a Versace Collection suit (he’s walked the runway for them). Though simple, this look is perfect in the fact that when you look like Alessandro do you really have to try so hard with your outfit?

All jokes aside, a gray blazer over a white shirt is an easy way to look chic without breaking the bank. It will transition well from lunch to dinner to a night out in Jimmy’z or Sass, without looking too stiff. Add a pocket flair to communicate to people that you are a “very cultured man” and voilà, you look like you’re ready to smoke cigars and sip vintage whisky and whatnot.

Angela OrlovaAngela Orlova

@orlovaangela Okay, now on to one of my favourites of not just the weekend but pretty much all day, everyday. I haven’t featured her before purely due to the fact that I can never decide which of her outfits to feature and then I get blinded by the diamonds and can’t think straight. But finally here she is in the Weekend Report. Angela Orlova.

Head of Design and co-founder with her husband of Orlov Jewelry, Mrs Orlova is the brand’s best ambassador never leaving the house without her diamonds on (of course, her own brand). I mean like this is MONACO duh, but walking your dog in full diamonds is my life’s goal to be honest.

Also let’s talk about her shoe game … those brown leather Niki boots by YSL are so on point for the season. The Givenchy black dress and Yves Saint Laurent blazer give it an extra edgy kick. Celine sunnies, diamond Audemars Piguet watch and a Hermès Kelly Cut Pochette in crocodile were her lux accessories du jour and I’m obsessed. While Angela’s Instagram caption states “NO DRAMA” her Orlov Jewellery Serpentes necklace and ring are saying something different.

Nikola GiudicelliNikola Giudicelli

@nikola_giudicelli I’ve been watching this stylish stud for sometime now imagining what his closet must look like. His style is lux casual, T-shirts and sweaters, sliders and baseball hats, but obviously they’re all luxury brands.

Moving onto the more causal side of the weekend style, Nikola kept it coordinated. Red and gold was the palette. A red Supreme T-shirt complimented his black pants with red racers stripes on the side, an iconic Supreme piece, the gold bar pendant chain went with the gold Ray Bans he rocked while inside the Philipp Plein store (too many flashy crystals maybe?).

But do I spy with my little style eye a … BLACKBERRY? How vintage! How retro! I’m sure he has an iPhone 8 hidden somewhere in that Gucci backpack. Good job Nikola, you’re cool in our books.

Ludmila VierkaLudmila Vierka

@ludmila.vierka Last but not least is Romanian beauty Ludmila Vierka, whom I’ve  spotted from time to time. Let me just speak in Instagram terms quickly. She SLAYS, she’s GOALS AF, her aesthetic is EVERYTHING, YASSSS. Okay, I’m done.

But seriously she knows how to put together a look, from hair to makeup to accessories to clothes and the right pose. I’m loving her dark look for the weekend with a embellished black camouflage jacket with patches, her black boots and chain bag that give it a biker girl chic vibe and her mirror sunnies. Oh and in a classic Insta-girl baddie move … the Starbucks cup as a prop. Want a lesson on how to get your social media feed on fleek. Look at Ludmila. PS that hair and highlight … insert sparkle emoji here.

Instagram sensation and style blogger Louis Pisano writes Article first published October 23, 2017.


#MyMonacoStyle Weekend Report

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