MYS sets sights on Millennials

The Monaco Yacht Show is changing tack this year, looking to Millennials as the next big market to target. It’s new advertising campaign features a young couple who are discovering what the world of super yachts has to offer.

The yachting world has changed a lot in the past few years and the skew has become decidedly more in line with the values of Generation Y, more commonly referred to as the Millennials.

Technological innovations, sustainability, design, environmentally friendly practices and leisure activities are all hallmarks of this new generation of yachting, and ones that resonate deeply with this age group.

This generation, who were born between 1981 and 1996, are said to have a less conventional outlook than their predecessors and are in search of authentic experiences, shying away from the package-deal holidays that marked their parents’ worlds. They are also vastly more socially aware and look for options that reflect their values.

The yachting industry, once the bastion of rich old men, has become almost unrecognisable in this way, and since the pandemic, has made great strides in changing its image.

The Monaco Yacht Show’s (MYS) latest advertising campaign mirrors these changes, taking the best of the old and new to appeal to a broader range of people.

“Life at sea has always been synonymous with great adventures: discovering new horizons and, perhaps more importantly, discovering oneself through others,” say MYS organisers. “Yachting is similar to sharing authentic moments with family and friends: it comes with great passion.”

As such, the campaign revolves around three scenarios featuring a young couple in a variety of poses, one on a morning tender ride into the port surrounded by beautiful boats, the next on a daytime visit to a superyacht, and the final one at an exclusive event hosted on a yacht.

The Monaco Yacht Show has also updated its logo, using a bolder, more modern font whilst retaining the recognisable MYS monogram, as a way of showing that it is keeping up with the times and still retaining the glamour of the past.

The Monaco Yacht Show is held from 28th September to 1st October this year.