National Council defends Monegasque model too Rapporteur of the European Parliament

A delegation of the National Council, led by President Stéphane VALERI, met on Monday, January 7, Juan Fernando LOPEZ AGUILAR, MEP, Rapporteur for a possible Association Agreement between Monaco and the European Union, to present him the specificities of the Monegasque model. The latter was present in Monaco as part of a study trip to the Principality, on the initiative of the Monaco Mission to the EU in Brussels.

At this meeting, the President of the National Council, after recalling “the unflagging commitment of the Monegasques to the constitutional monarchy”, presented the role of the Assembly within the institutions and in particular “its constitutional prerogative attributing to it, since 2002, the power to ratify international treaties, which applies to this eventual Association Agreement “.

Stéphane VALERI also recalled the specificities of the Principality, which impose the respect of the national priority for the Monegasques, in particular in the matter of housing and employment. In addition, Thomas BREZZO said: “We consider it essential to preserve the criterion of nationality, which allows Monegasques to benefit from exclusive access to certain regulated professions.”

These specificities, recalled the National Councilors, are the very condition of the success of the Monegasque model and are non-negotiable to guarantee its survival.

Dans ce contexte, la question d’un éventuel Accord d’Association est un enjeu majeur pour la Principauté et les Monégasques, minoritaires dans leur propre pays. Une question largement débattue durant la dernière campagne électorale, à l’issue de laquelle les Monégasques ont, très largement, par leur vote, demandé à leurs Elus, d’être vigilants et prudents dans le suivi de la négociation. Le Rapporteur européen en a été informé et en a pris note.

On the occasion of this exchange, President VALERI said: “Today, without a treaty, our model is a success like no other. So there is no urgency. This success must be examined in the light of our specificities. Nationals represent less than a quarter of the population. Without a national priority, the majority of Monegasques could no longer live or work in their own country “.

For all that, Guillaume ROSE reminded: “Monaco is a country extremely open to the world. Let us not forget that 140 nationalities live there and European nationals represent more than 60% of the residents. Similarly, trade is mainly with the countries of the European Union.

The President concluded before the Rapporteur: “At the end of the negotiations, we will examine with pragmatism the advantages for the Principality and the concessions requested in Monaco. Our decision will be dictated only by the sole interest of the country and the Monegasques.”

National elected officials are delighted by the holding of such exchanges, which contribute to a better knowledge of the Monegasque realities by our European interlocutors.