National Council gets new media look

The National Council was clearly busy during lockdown and used the time to update its look and launch new avenues for getting information to the public.

In order to provide the public with as many ways as possible to keep up with what is going on at the National Council – Monaco’s parliamentary arm – they have launched a new magazine, updated their website, redesigned their television broadcast and added LinkedIn to their social media repertoire.

The new magazine, entitled Üntra Nui, or ‘Between Us’, is now available both online and in traditional format and will provide in-depth interviews with council members, current events within the Council, and thought-provoking stories and human interest pieces connected to the Principality and the Council’s participation. The magazine will be distributed to post boxes around the Principality, or downloaded from the National Council website.

The website has been given a whole new look, offering all the latest news, listing all bills voted on or under discussion, providing bios on councillors, explaining the history of the assembly and sharing its philosophy with regard to responsibilities to the electorate.  

A redesigned format for Conseil National TV will have its first broadcast on 15th June at 4pm, devoted to the public legislative session that will take place the following day.

Already active on social media, the council has added LinkedIn to keep in touch with business professionals, giving them a total of four ways to keep up to date.

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