National Day quiz

On Thursday 19th November, the entire Principality proudly celebrates its National Day. So how much do you actually know about Monaco?
First and foremost, the event – otherwise known as ‘Sovereign’s Day’ – is an opportunity for the Monegasque people to pay tribute to their princes. Traditionally, the calendar date changed according to the first name of the reigning prince. When Prince Rainier III ascended the throne, for example, the date was fixed at 19th November – Saint Rainier d’Arezzoday. But Prince Albert II departed from this tradition and maintained the 19th in tribute to his father, rather than taking 15th November – Saint Albert’s day – as the National Day.
But that part you probably already knew.
For a bit of fun this National Day, we put together a quick quiz to see how much more you know about Monaco. Write down your answers then scroll to the bottom of the page to check them and find out some more interesting facts!
Viva Múnegu!

The Prince’s Palace, photo by Monaco Life

Let’s start with some history…

1.The Grimaldi family has ruled Monaco since…

  • 729
  • 1215
  • 1050

2. Why does the Prince’s Family coat of arms feature two monks holding a sword?

  • Because Catholicism is the official church of Monaco
  • Because the fortress of Monaco was captured by men disguised as Franciscan monks
  • To represent monarchical sovereignty

3. After taking final possession of Monaco in 1419, the Grimaldi Family did not assume the title of Prince of Monaco until 1659.

  • True
  • False

4. In the early 14th century, the Grimaldi’s also received possession of the ancient city of…

  • Antibes
  • Villeneuve-Loubet
  • Vence

5. The Constitution of Monaco was created by Albert I in:

  • 1897
  • 1911
  • 1923

6. Who was the longest serving prince of Monaco?

  • Albert I
  • Rainier III
  • Prince Honore III

7. The Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo was opened in the year…

  • 1784
  • 1801
  • 1863
Central Park in New York, source Pixabay

Now some fun facts…

8. Monaco is smaller than Central Park in New York City.

  • True
  • False

9. Monaco has one police officer for every…

  • 10 residents
  • 50 residents
  • 100 residents

10. What is the capital of Monaco?

  • Monaco-Ville
  • Monaco
  • Monte-Carlo

11. Who is Monaco’s Minister of State?

  • Pierre Dartout
  • Stéphane Valeri
  • Prince Albert II

12. Monaco is a member of the European Union.

  • True
  • False

13. Monaco is a member of the United Nations.

  • True
  • False

14. Prince Albert graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in…

  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Sociology

15. All license plates in Monaco starting with 000 belong to…

  • Members of the Prince’s family
  • Members of the government
  • Members of the police force

16. Which Marvel Comic film features scenes from Monaco?

  • Doctor Strange
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2
  • Iron Man 2

1) 1215. 2) Because the fortress of Monaco was captured by mendisguised as Franciscan monks in 1297. One of them was François Grimaldi who became the first ruler of the House of Grimaldi. 3) Antibes, as collateral to a loan made to a pope. 4) True, they were previously called Lords of Monaco. 5) 1911 after the Monégasque Revolution. It is the shortest constitution in the world. 6) Rainier III – the prince’s 56-year rule not only made him Monaco’s longest-serving monarch, but also Europe’s – at that time. 7) 1863. 8) True, Central Park is about 840 acres in size, making Monaco roughly 60% of the size of the world-famous park. 9) 100 residents, Monaco is largely recognised as one of the safest countries in the world. 10) Monaco – as a city-state, Monaco is its own capital. 11) Pierre Dartout became Monaco’s new Minister of State in September 2020. 12) False, Monaco is not formally a part of theEuropean Union but it participates in certain EU policies. 13) True, Monaco actively participates in the United Nations, which it joined in 1993. 14) Political Science, awarded from the Amherst College in Massachusetts. 15) Members of the Prince’s family. 16) Iron Man 2 – watch scenes from the movie here: