Naturalisation in France: New online service launched for those wishing to apply for French nationality

french nationality

Piles of paper and long queues will soon be a thing of the past for those trying to get French nationality as the French government rolls out a new online service that will save time and money for applicants.  

The days of printing out mountains of paperwork then visiting the government office and waiting in interminable queues or risking sending the file by post are ending.  

Since 6th February, those wishing to apply for French nationality have had the option of doing so online via the NATALI service.  

The new service allows users or their authorised representatives to fill out the forms needed and send them by electronic means. It also allows applicants to follow the progress of their file as well as to receive alerts when missing or new information is required and to transmit decisions.  

If the decision is unfavourable, users can also make an appeal online. 

For those who don’t have access to computers, there will be terminals set up in local prefectures and agents will be on-site to assist. Additionally, a hotline, the Citizen Contact Centre, has been set up to assist with any necessary questions by phone. A similar online chat service is also available. 

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Photo source: Jud Mackrill for Unsplash