New call out to Monegasque entrepreneurs

Monaco Boost has put out its second call for applications, seeking Monegasque entrepreneurs to take advantage of the incubator’s workspaces and networking opportunities.

After its launch in January 2021, Monaco’s government-funded business incubator is seeking a new round of start-ups to support at its Fontvielle site.

Successful applicants will be allocated office space ranging from 10m2 to 30m2, depending on the type of business and their individual needs. The space is sufficient to accommodate anywhere from one to three employees.

Selected candidates can move in by September, or even August for those more eager to get started, joining the already established 16 enterprises on site.

The whole site is capable of supporting 108 business.

Under the direction of Laurence Garino, the team in place will organise thematic workshops and specific events in collaboration with Monegasque partners to promote networking and collaborative exchanges.

In addition to furnished workspaces, Monaco Boost also has meeting rooms, a multi-purpose room and a café, inviting all in the space to get to know each other, collaborate and form synergistic connections.

The rules to apply are that an applicant must be Monegasque, a majority managing partner with at least 60% share of the business’s capital, have proof of current ministerial authorisation, and proof of registration with the Monaco Trade and Industry register dating back less than five years.

Interested applicants can submit their request until 2nd July at the following the website or following the link at


Photo by Michael Alesi, Government Communication Department