New design revealed for Fontvieille shopping centre

Fontvieille Shopping Centre new architectural design

Fontvieille will undergo a contemporary transformation with new plans which have just been approved by the Monaco Government. The current concrete shopping centre will be replaced with a futuristic structure featuring a transparent facade, lush Mediterranean greenery, colour-coded levels and wave-like curves.

World-renowned Italian architects Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksa were chosen for their design, which will integrate the commercial complex into the Mediterranean landscape.

The space will consist of five levels, each defined by a colour representing different landscape elements. The ground floor will be dominated by the colour red, Monaco’s signature hue and reminiscent of the red tiled-houses of the old town.

The first floor will be sea-blue and the second will be lavender, something which is synonymous with the south of France and Provence.

To represent surrounding architecture, the third floor will take on an ochre tone, while the top floor will be dedicated to grey, an ode to the rocky outcrops of the French Riviera. Here, a garden of about one hectare in size will be filled with pines, oaks and other Mediterranean species, as well as walking trails for visitors.

Inconspicuously passing underneath the commercial centre will be the main access road Avenue Albert II, while a new pedestrian crossing will connect visitors to the port.

The project is expected to take over two years to complete and cost around 140 million euros. A start date is yet to be revealed.