Streets in new district to be named after Prince and Princesses

During a Municipal Council meeting on Monday evening, the new street names for the Principality’s land extension project, Mareterra, were unanimously voted and agreed upon.

The Mareterra extension project, which was announced back in 2013, is adding an entire neighbourhood to the Monaco landscape in an engineering feat that will be fully realised by the end of 2024.

For years it has been a mere construction zone, a marvel, certainly, but not entirely part of the community yet.

On Monday evening, this changed, as the Municipal Council met and approved the proposed street names offered by the project leaders and the Prince’s Palace, giving people a real sense of the area being a part of Monaco and not just an endless building site.

On the eastern side, where the residential section is located, people will soon be able to amble through a pine forest valley and along the Promenade Prince Jacques.  At the centre of this block will be Avenue Mareterra.

Heading to the west side, where the port, aquatic centre and catering activities are, there will be the Quai du Petit Portier, the Esplanade Prince Jacques and the Place Princesse Gabriella, which is the neighbourhood’s future gateway.

The new swimming pool will be named after Monaco’s adopted Olympic swimmer becoming Piscine Princesse Charlène.

Finally, there will be a green space called La Pinède.

The extension is being built using sustainable construction techniques and is the heart of Monaco’s future growth. Once completed, the site will have 800 trees with 27,000m2 of total planted surface area, 19,000m2 of pedestrian walkways and 600m of cycling path.

Additionally, Mareterra is being built to be eco-friendly, including 9,000m2 of solar panels, 200 electric vehicle charging stations, smart electricity and water metres in every building, irrigation systems activated by humidity and rainfall, geothermal heating and cooling, and a 600m3 rainwater collection pond.



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