New escalators and e-bikes connecting Beausoleil and Monaco

Prince Albert II has officially opened six new public escalators in Beausoleil and, alongside the dozen new MonaBike stations going into service, non-vehicular travel between the Principality and Beausoleil has never been easier.

Soft mobility is a term bandied about quite often these days. It is loosely defined as modes of transport outside of cars and public transport that get people from point A to point B under their own steam, such as walking, cycling, rollerblading or scootering.

The popularity of these methods grows as more people become aware of the health and environmental benefits of getting out of their cars, as well as the time and money-saving aspects: No car means no paying for petrol or parking.

Monaco has long embraced alternatives to vehicle travel and now the enthusiasm has spread to neighbouring Beausoleil.

Prince Albert, alongside Beausoleil Mayor Gérard Spinelli and other Monaco government ministers, officially inaugurated the first MonaBike station installed on French territory on Tuesday 13th September – Marché near the market – offering 12 e-bike connections.  By the end of 2022, there will be a total of three stations: Marché, République on Boulevard de la République, and Victor Hugo in the future car park.

Prince Albert II of Monaco inaugurates the MonaBike station with Gérard Spinelli, Mayor of Beausoleil (left) and Bernard Gonzalez, Prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes (right). Photo credit: Manuel Vitali, Government Communication Department

In line with Monaco’s soft mobility strategy, walking is also being encouraged thanks to the co-financing of 10 new escalators in Beausoleil – two were delivered in 2018, two in January 2022, and six were unveiled on Tuesday.

“Therefore, the 458 steps separating the market at Riviera Palace no longer constitute an obstacle to climb but a friendly, free and harmless stage in an interurban route, as can be seen from the 5,500 daily users who take the Riviera line (which goes from Avenue du Général de Gaulle to Avenue Carnier) and thus the recent Alcazar line which already counts 1,500 passages per day,” said the government in a statement. “All of these means of soft mobility aim to improve the quality of life and reduce the number of vehicles for personal use in a common desire to reduce greenhouse gases, further strengthening the Franco-Monegasque friendship.”

Mayor Spinelli, enthused by these new projects, has said he would like to install another 13 escalators in the coming years, at a projected cost of €16 million.



 Photo above of Prince Albert and Gérard Spinelli, Mayor of Beausoleil, credit Manuel Vitali, Government Communication Department