New head of civil aviation

Jérôme Journet

Jérôme Journet has been appointed head of the Directorate of Civil Aviation, following the retirement of Bruno Lassagne.
Mr Journet is an engineer graduate from the National School of Civil Aviation (ENAC).
After studying engineering, mainly in Toulouse and Canada, Jérôme Journet spent the next decade working at the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and the Athis-Mons regional control center.
During that time, he was able to familiarise himself with the different facets of civil aviation, working with operational and air traffic control, as well as involving himself in European studies and research projects.
In 2011, Mr Journet was assigned to the operations management of the Directorate of Air Navigation Services (DSNA) to carry out a national coordination mission. This experience allowed him, in particular, to understand budget management and civil engineering projects, according to a statement released by the Prince’s government.
Jérôme Journet then left the Paris region to settle in Bordeaux-Mérignac where he headed the Center for the Exploitation of Central Systems (CESNAC). In 2016, he moved to the West Indies to head the Antilles-Guyana air navigation service. Jérôme Journet was in charge of air traffic control, aeronautical information and aeronautical search and rescue operations for the airspaces and airports of Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana.
Photo courtesy: ©Direction de la Communication – Michael Alesi