New hotline set up for Covid-19

Prince Albert has visited Monaco’s new coronavirus information centre, which is keeping the public informed and allowing questions to be answered by health professionals.

The new platform, Call Centre-Covid19, has taken over from the original information centre that had been set up on 30th January. The call centre is made up of a team from the Department of Health Action (DASA), the Monegasque Red Cross and a supervising physician devoted entirely to addressing questions and imparting information regarding the coronavirus outbreak.  

Citizens, residents and employees of the Principality are asked to call with any concerns on +377 92 05 55 00. The number is available from 9am to 6pm seven days a week. Email correspondence is also possible by writing to

The government wishes to remind people who have been in a high risk zone and especially those who are experiencing symptoms of the disease, such as fever, cough or breathing difficulties, to immediately ring the fire brigade on 18 or 112. This also goes for those who need information about work and school exemption certificates, self-imposed home isolation and contact with a person suspected of being ill.  

People showing signs of the coronavirus are asked expressly to NOT visit their local doctor or the emergency room to avoid contaminating others.  

Earlier this week, Prince Albert encouraged the populace to continue to follow a sense of community spirit and to be completely honest about potential public health threats, given the seriousness of the situation.

He also praised Princess Grace Hospital Staff and the retired doctors who have volunteered to assist in the containment of Covid-19. The hospital, for all its good intentions, is not entirely equipped to handle a major epidemic, so other measures, such as home visits for those showing only mild symptoms, are being considered. 

Finally, he asked people to stay positive, be sensible and to not give into undue panic and anxiety. Wise advice we should all keep in mind.

Photo: Prince’s Palace