New initiative partners Maserati MSG Racing with local youths to push urgency of change

Monaco-based Maserati MSG Racing has launched an initiative called Seventeen, which combines the status of Formula E with the passion of today’s young leaders who want to put sustainability on their local agenda and make a real impact.

“Aligning with the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Seventeen unites a global vision for sustainable progress with Maserati MSG Racing’s own commitment to improving equality, diversity, and inclusion in World Championship motorsport,” said the company in a press release.

As part of Seventeen, Maserati MSG Racing will connect with local teenagers impacted by climate change and innovation projects at race locations throughout the season to highlight local issues and worthy causes, while educating motorsport’s global audience about the urgency of change.

“As a team, we’re committed to advancing sustainable human progress, and as part of racing in Formula E, we have a responsibility to leave a positive legacy in each location we race,” said Scott Swid, Chairman and Managing Partner, Maserati MSG Racing. “From our perspective, it’s clear that our audience feels the same way – we’ve seen how passionate they are about the environment, our sport, and our vision, and Seventeen is another step forward in our mission to leave the world in a better state that we found it.”

It’s not the first Maserati MSG Racing, one of Formula E’s founding teams, has shown a commitment to the pursuit of a better tomorrow. In 2020, it became the first team to show support for the FIA’s Purpose Driven inclusivity campaign before breaking new ground in 2021 by becoming the first team in the series to raise awareness around LGBTQ+ inclusion in motorsport.

Season opener sees launch of Seventeen

Seventeen kicked off at Formula E’s season-opening Mexico City E-Prix, and the initiative can be followed across the Maserati MSG Racing’s website and social media channels, as the team takes the next step in its mission to generate positive, lasting change through the platform of motorsport.

“Part of our mission as a Championship is to drive action for the series to lead by example on sustainability and embark its ecosystem as well as its audiences on this race with no finish line,” said Julia Pallé, Vice President of Sustainability, Formula E. “Maserati MSG Racing has had strong form over the past five years for breaking new ground when it comes to raising awareness around social causes and human rights issues. Its new initiative Seventeen is a fantastic natural extension of this progressive work for them and one that will have real impact. We’re delighted to see a team use its unique platform and visibility to promote the UNs Sustainability Development Goals and can’t wait to support them and see the programme develop throughout the season – together we can make an even greater impact for good.”


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Photo source: Maserati MSG Racing