New innovative projects sought for MonacoTech incubation

MonacoTech, the government startup incubator and accelerator, has announced a new call for projects.

From 9th April to 14th May, aspiring innovators worldwide are invited to submit their groundbreaking ideas through the dedicated MonacoTech website,

MonacoTech welcomes projects in GreenTech, BlueTech, Smart Yachting, MedTech/BioTech, FinTech, and Artificial Intelligence. Applicants are encouraged to present concepts equipped with functional prototypes and preferably initial validations, demonstrating the potential of their ventures to thrive.

The selection process begins with the submission of online applications, video interviews in early June, and project presentations before a jury in late June, paving the way for incubation commencement slated for September.

The selection panel will consider various criteria such as the novelty and relevance of the innovation, scalability of the proposed business model, and the depth of expertise within the founding team. Equally paramount is the commitment exhibited by the entrepreneurs to fully immerse themselves in the project, fostering its growth within the confines of the Principality.

Successful applicants will have access to tailored support spanning 18 months, encompassing both technical guidance and financial resources. Moreover, they will gain privileged access to an extensive network of industry experts, unlocking unprecedented avenues for collaboration and growth.


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