New map designed to reduce waste of consumer products

Monaco has made it easier for people to give a second life to things like appliances and clothing with a new digital map listing all the relevant repair and secondhand stores in the Principality.

The map, created by the Mission for Energy Transition (MTE), lists the merchants and craftsmen who have expertise in the repair and/or reconditioning of electrical appliances, electronics, clothing, bicycles, furniture, etc.

The map is available on the MTE website:

It joins, among other things, information on collection points for clothes and toys, links to water fountains and alcoholic gel distributors, and a real-time map showing the availability of Monaco ON charging stations for electric vehicles.

The government says the latest list will be updated regularly, according to new stores and merchants that come onboard.

Waste reduction is at the heart of the Energy Transition’s mission. Waste represents almost 30% of greenhouse gases in the Principality and its reduction, in particular that of plastic waste, is a strategic axis for reducing Monaco’s carbon emissions.



Photo source: Unsplash