New Michelin Guide for hotels set to launch in 2024  

michelin key

Recognised around the globe for its appraisals of fine dining establishments, the Michelin Guide is taking on another sector of the high-end hospitality industry: the world’s top hotels.  

Think of it as a sister guide to the original Michelin Guide, which was first launched back in 1926 and has become the gold standard when it comes to choosing an exceptional restaurant. There isn’t a chef around who would argue against the prestige of having a Michelin star – or two or even three – to their name, and it is hoped that this level of respect can be translated over to the world of hotels.  


The team at the Michelin Guide have selected more than 5,000 accommodations in 120 countries to feature in the first edition, which will be known as the Michelin Key. 

“The Michelin Key is a clear, reliable indication for travellers,” says Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the Michelin Guide. “Just as the Michelin Star distinguishes those restaurants that are at the peak of their art, the Michelin Key recognises the most exceptional hotels throughout the world. It is also an acknowledgment of the teamwork of committed enthusiastic hospitality professionals.”  


Like with the restaurant edition, the judges recommend places that they consider to be “true destinations”, and the team has spent four years visiting potential establishments to list and collating the results.

The price points of the hotels will vary significantly, as do the styles, and readers will be pointed toward accommodations that stand out from the crowd. The evaluating criteria includes: displays of excellent design, craftsmanship and architecture, top notch service, comfort and maintenance, unique character, consistency between price paid and quality of the experience, and how the establishment contributes to the overall local landscape. 

The guide also strives to uphold three primary objectives, summed up as: “[guiding] travellers to boutique accommodations that offer much more than a room for a night; to precede or extend a gastronomic outing with a memorable hotel stay; and to allow people to choose, book and comment on stays on a single independent platform”. 


The team behind the guide are currently “in the field” and the first laureates of a ‘Michelin Key’ are set to be revealed in the first half of 2024.  

To read more about the guide, please click here.  


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Photo credit: Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer