New online resource for businesses: electronic signature

Business professionals in Monaco can now obtain their electronic signature or certificate seal online as part of the Extended Monaco program.

The electronic signature is the equivalent of a handwritten signature for a digital document. It can demonstrate that a document has been signed by an identified person, that the document has not been modified, and carries the same value as a handwritten signature.

Benefits include the saving of time, as all administrative documents for suppliers, partners or internal use can be dematerialised and signed electronically; enhanced security for documents: the components of the electronic signature include a digital fingerprint of the original document; it reduces cost and is eco-friendly; and it is useful for carrying out the remote exchange of probative digital documents.

“The electronic signature will simplify the life of businesses in the Principality, for all day-to-day acts that require a signature,” says Julien Dejanovic, Director of Digital Services. “This is an essential issue of their digital transformation, and the process of dematerialisation with secure and optimised exchanges; and all the more so in a context where distance has become a norm.”

Who can access it?

All companies registered with the Monegasque RCI, as well as the administrative services of the State, can now have a signature certificate.

Any legal representative of a company registered with the Monegasque RCI can submit an online request on the portal.

“This new online approach is another step in the process of continuous improvement of the services we offer to companies,” said Stéphan Bruno, Director of Economic Expansion. “We will continue to dematerialise the most used procedures while ensuring that we maintain a direct link with economic players and fully exploit the advantages of our local administration.”

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Photo credit: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash