New player in the sustainability market: Discloser

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In the changing landscape of sustainability, businesses are searching for innovative strategies to address the dual challenge of carbon emission reduction and profitability. Net0, a carbon management platform incubated at MonacoTech, positions itself as a leader in this endeavour with the introduction of its latest product, Discloser.

Sustainability is, not surprisingly, holding the current spotlight in society, and companies who are dedicated to sustainability are emerging as key players. One such company is Net0, which is making waves by taking care of the bureaucratic reporting process.

Founded by Sofia Fominova and Dmitry Aksenov, Net0 has just revealed its latest product, Discloser, and its creators are on a mission to revolutionise the way businesses carry out compliance reports, collect and organise data, and prepare for audits.

What is Net0?

Net0 is a software tool aimed at helping large businesses and governments in measuring, reducing and reporting carbon emissions whilst ensuring economic profitability. It was incubated by MonacoTech in December 2022, securing essential funding to scale.

“Where we are going is that every business will have to report carbon emissions, just like financial accounting,” Sofia Fominova, Net0 co-founder, tells Monaco Life.

Net0’s success stories include several Fortune 500 companies, whilst the government of Monaco relies on Net0’s software for event organisers who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

The future of Net0: Discloser

The recent launch of Discloser takes the project “one step further” by expanding Net0’s scope beyond carbon management. It includes all aspects of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting.

The initiative “came as a direct request from one of our customers,” says Fominova, citing the growing importance of ESG factors in corporate sustainability efforts.

Discloser simplifies the data collection and reporting process by using AI technology, and offers a solution for businesses aiming to enhance their sustainability efforts across all ESG areas.

Tomorrow’s sustainable future

In a world shaped by sustainability requirements, Net0 stands at the forefront of innovation. With the introduction of Discloser, the company is not just addressing the demands of today, but also charting a path for tomorrow’s sustainable business landscape as the journey toward a more eco-conscious future continues.

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