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New regulations on noise and construction schedules

New regulations on noise and construction schedules

By Staff Writer - December 9, 2018

Two Ministerial Orders on noise and construction schedules were published in the Journal de Monaco today, Friday, December 7, 2018.

These texts aim to optimize the quality of life in the Principality. They relate to:

  • reinforcement of the supervision of the schedules and periods of realization of the building sites;
  • the creation of a device to limit construction noise (all the information in the technical sheet attached).

This evolution of the texts in force responds to a strong expectation of the resident population.

It also responds to that of construction professionals, who can only embark on the path of improvement and exemplarity on strengthened regulatory bases.

It is important to mention that the representatives of the Council of the Architects’ Association, the Union of Real Estate Developers and the Construction Chamber have been consulted prior to the proposed reform. They also intervened twice in the context of the finalization of the new regulation.

Anti-noise panels at Avenue d'Ostende © Communication Directorate Michael Alesi
Anti-noise panels at Avenue d’Ostende © Communication Directorate Michael Alesi

These new texts aim to:

  • simplify and harmonize the applicable texts, in particular on the schedules and execution periods of the worksites;
  • create or reinforce the rules of supervision of the execution of the building sites, by apprehending the nuisances that result;
  • evolve towards exemplary projects.

A ministerial decree of September 2010 had already brought a clear improvement on the management of construction schedules, reducing the daily time slot which, since 1930, could authorize the work from 6h to 22h.

The issue of noise nuisance had also led the Environment Department to develop, in 2011, a circular on construction noise.

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