New restaurant: Lucia Cannes brings Mediterranean fusion to the Croisette

The creative minds behind Nikki Beach have breathed new life into the Croisette with Lucia Cannes, a vibrant and delicious new cocktail bar and restaurant that encompasses the very best of the Mediterranean in a lux but casually-Cannes way. 

Inaugurated in early March, Lucia Cannes is the new “baby” of the luxury hospitality group Nikki Beach Global, adding to an ever-expanding list of Nikki Beach venues in other sought-after travel destinations like Monte-Carlo, Saint-Tropez, Miami Beach, Marbella and Koh Samui.

This new culinary adventure, right here on the shores of the French Riviera, offers a unique vibe, a very different look and an exciting journey for the tastebuds across the Mediterranean Bassin. 

Cannes’ new beachside drawcard

Situated on the famous Boulevard de la Croisette, Lucia Cannes is strategically located opposite the famous Carlton Hotel and is mere metres from the Palais des Festivals, wedged among the seaside private beach restaurants that line the iconic strip. 

With an open-all-year commitment, Lucia is pushing the length of the Cannes season, offering a menu and ambience that changes with the seasons. 

In summer, the restaurant will swell in size to include a large shaded terrace, outdoor bar and full-service sun loungers with a curated menu selection from the restaurant. 

The cuisine at Lucia Cannes is a Mediterranean fusion, befitting its beachside location

Mediterranean fusion cuisine

The menu focuses on ‘Cuisine du Soleil’, with ingredients that have been touched by the sun and meticulously prepared by Lucia Chef Yvon Mbiavanga and Nikki Beach Executive Chef Allessandro Pizza. 

Like the restaurant itself, the menu is a kaleidoscope of vibrant Mediterranean colours and flavours: zucchini and feta fritters, roasted marinated peppers with harissa compôte, sautéed prawns with halloumi, Iberian Bellota jambon, tuna crudo à la Niçoise… The entrée options are extensive and designed to be enjoyed beachside, under the intoxicating Riviera sunshine. 

The mains are another celebration of the flavour-filled Mediterranean: Sisteron lamb cutlets, entrecôte panzanella, Italian seafood soup, Bomba rice with lobster bisque… It is a veritable “How to do Mediterranean-fusion”, with ingredients lovingly sourced from many of the French Riviera’s Mediterranean neighbours. 

As Chef Yvon Mbiavanga tells us, “Nikki Beach is festive, Lucia is family.”

The tuno crudo is a delicious interpretation of the Niçoise classic

While Nikki Beach has a “let’s be wild and free” attitude, Lucia embraces a La Dolce Vita vibe, embodying a lifestyle of indulgence, pleasure and enjoyment of the finer things. At Lucia Cannes, amazing food collides with fine wine, impeccable service, creative cocktails and a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere. Lucia invites guests to indulge in its chic, laid-back atmosphere during the day, with lively dinner service and great DJ sets offered during the summer months. 

Collaborating with English-Italian artist Chiara Perano, the brand infuses creative, nostalgic designs into various elements, from the glassware and tiles to sun umbrellas and ceramics, drawing inspiration from vintage Italy and the vibrant hues of the Amalfi coast.

Nearly every detail has been crafted specially for Lucia by the brand’s Interior Design Architect Remi Viale. 

The glasses are as creative as the cocktails at Lucia Cannes

Cocktails to complement the setting

As a self-declared cocktail connoisseur, I can confidently say that the cocktails at Lucia are like liquid poetry, with flavours that dance on your palate, and every sip is a journey of discovery.

These “ambience enhancers”, as Lucia calls them, have been skillfully crafted with herbs, liquors and aromatics to complement the setting: ‘Watermelon Sugar’ with Patron Silver Tequila, watermelon and passionfruit; ‘Mama Mia’ with thyme-infused gin, bergamot and rosemary; and the the barman’s favourite, ‘Light my Fire’, made with Del Maguey Mezcal, honey, finger, basil and cardamon are among the highlights.

A new era to mark 25 years

Lucia Cannes marks a new chapter in the 25th anniversary year of Nikki Beach Global. Established in 1998 by entrepreneurs Jack and Lucia Penrod, the luxury lifestyle brand pays tribute to the couples’ daughter Nicola, who was tragically killed in a car accident at the age of 18. Lucia celebrates the brand’s co-founder while also referencing the Latin word “lux”, meaning light. 

Every detail has been considered in the design of Lucia Cannes

Cannes Film Festival and private events

Nikki Beach Global is accustomed to hosting events during the Cannes Film Festival with its pop-up space on the Croissette. This year, from 14th to 25th May, it will make the most of its firm foothold by hosting ‘Forever More: A Film Festival Celebration’, with music by resident DJs and special guest performers.

Lucia Cannes is open year-round for lunch from 12pm to 6pm, and dinner additionally in June, July, August until 11pm. The bar is open until midnight in high season, and closes at 10pm most other months. 

See more in our experience in the Instagram reel below…

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Photos courtesy Lucia Cannes