New restaurant: Relaxed luxury at Le Deli Robuchon Monaco

In the bustling streets of the gastronomic capital that is Monaco, where every corner holds the promise of culinary delights, Le Deli Robuchon stands out as a new gastronomic drawcard, reflecting the lasting influence of legendary Chef Joël Robuchon. 

“You can’t cook if you don’t love people!”

This is one of my favourite Joël Robuchon quotes and it aligns perfectly with the concept of Le Deli Robuchon Monaco.

This new intimate eatery on Avenue Saint-Laurent is a bustling hub of delicious activity, from the smell of freshly ground coffee and flaky French pastries to the meticulously crafted dishes and finely-tuned servers. Everything about Le Deli Robuchon Monaco screams haute cuisine, but in the most fantastic, relaxed way.

Simple and elegant dishes are the hallmark of Le Deli Robuchon

A gastronomic legacy

Joël Robuchon, often hailed as the “Chef of the Century”, left an indelible mark on the world of gastronomy. With a staggering 32 Michelin stars under his belt across the globe at the time of his passing in 2018, Robuchon’s culinary prowess and dedication to perfection were unparalleled.

People in Monaco will associate the Robuchon name with the famous two Michelin starred restaurant at the Hôtel Metropole that unexpectedly closed in 2020 after his passing (now replaced by the two-starred Les Ambassadeurs by Christophe Cussac).

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With the new Le Deli Robuchon, the challenge therefore is to uphold the coveted Robuchon reputation in Monaco while identifying wholeheartedly as something different yet equally enticing.

Taking the deli concept to a new level

Le Deli Robuchon is a casual, sophisticated restaurant with a small terrace that also serves as a grab-and-go. It is an all-day affair, open from 8am to 8pm, offering fresh meals, amazing coffee and bread, and the famous cube-shaped croissants that have kicked-off a new global food trend.

At the core of Le Deli Robuchon’s philosophy lies the art of simplicity, drawing inspiration from classic French cuisine and utilising beautiful fresh ingredients from neighbouring Italy.

Quality ingredients are sourced from France and Italy

Gourmet breakfast delights

The menu at Le Deli Robuchon caters to all moods, so breakfast or brunch can be as simple as fresh pastries, eggs cooked to your liking, granola, rice pudding or fruit salad.

But it can also be elevated to new heights with poached eggs and blue lobster confit, scrambled eggs with truffle, or the ultimate indulgence – boiled eggs with Oscietre Caviar.

Quick lunch or long lunch? You choose

Lunch in this district of Monaco is likely to be fast-paced for suited-up workers, who will appreciate the perennial favourites like Caesar  salad, beef carpaccio and the Deli Burger.

The Deli Burgers

But this is a Robuchon restaurant, and we are in Monaco, so the rest of the menu is rich and extravagant: mac and cheese with smoked duck and black truffle, duck broth with vegetables and poached foie gras, Mediterranean sea bass with oysters, croque-Caviar and the most delectable black truffle croque monsier that I have ever tasted.

I also recommend the aubergine salad with olives, a flavour-bomb of a dish that instantly took me back to my childhood days in Tasmania, Australia, where my mother would pickle fresh eggplants from the garden. Here, at Le Deli Robuchon, their tangy, bity texture pairs perfectly with a simple creamy dressing finished with pine nuts.

Note: the dishes here are large, so either come hungry or order a few to share!

The dishes are perfectly sized to share

Desserts to die for

The desserts are equally generous and impossible to surpass, particularly the giant Clafoutis with caramelised pear. Meanwhile, the apple tart with vanilla ice-cream is a mouthful of magic with every bite. If you haven’t tried them already, now is the time to taste the selection of pastries.

The deli side comes into play with fresh baked breads, charcuterie, cheeses, caviars and condiments that are all on display and can be conveniently picked-up and taken home for a more casual gourmet experience.

While the vibe in the eatery is relaxed luxury, the service is Michelin-star, and it is the profound feeling of hospitality, warmth and commitment to excellence exhibited by every member of this restaurant that not only honours the Robuchon legacy, but firmly establishes Le Deli’s presence in Monaco’s culinary scene.

It’s a must-try for everyone.

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Photos courtesy Le Deli Robuchon