New tourism strategy in the making

The Tourist and Convention Authority is set to launch phase one of its eco-responsible tourism scheme called Livre Blanc, or white book.   

As an arm of the government, the Tourist and Convention Authority is committed to protecting the environment and perpetuating strong eco-friendly practices amongst tourists, businesses and the population-at-large.

In order to meet the expectations of today’s environmentally savvy clientele and residents, the organisation has created a clear-cut strategy with specialist firm François Tourisme Consultants.

Together they will launch the first phase by conducting a survey, as well as offering an online questionnaire. The survey is intended for those involved in the tourist and hospitality industries, whereas the questionnaire is designed to get feedback from residents and visitors.

In addition, the Tourist and Convention Authority, with the Mission for the Energy Transition’s support, will hold a workshop in November for “committed partners and stakeholders”.

Results of the programme will be available by early 2021.

Monaco already boasts several certified hotels and signatories of the Energy Pact who are working to lessen their waste and footprints through a number of ways, such as transitioning to paper-free work environments, lessening food waste, offering local and organic produce, and encouraging transportation options, like ridesharing, using public transport and cycling to work, all thing that lower the impact on the environment.

The Principality is committed to cutting greenhouse emissions by half by 2030 and achieving a carbon neutral state by 2050 and the Monaco Tourism and Congress Authority has been active for more than a decade in helping in those efforts.