New video wall for hybrid events

On the back of the successful launch of its new television studio in September, the Grimaldi Forum has now added a giant LED TV screen to its services, diversifying its offerings in light of the pandemic.
The giant 30 square metre screen is one of the largest available in southern Europe and can be used by Grimaldi Forum clients to broadcast their events and view content live.
The new generation design means that presenters or speakers standing in front of the screen do not have to worry about the normal ‘green screen’ issues and can actually see what is being broadcast behind them.
“Thanks to the axes of real cameras, the view of the set is modified with each change of shot, without virtual special effects,” said the Grimaldi Forum.

Photo of the new LED television wall at the Grimaldi Forum

This new ‘premium’ version has been offered by the Grimaldi Forum for more than six months, in addition to the centre’s ‘standard’ version. With a green background, the standard screen makes it possible to create numerous sets ranging from urban to maritime. It can also create backgrounds of Monaco in real time, thanks to a live camera delivering a 360° view.
The TV studio was developed in the midst of the health crisis to diversify the Grimaldi Forum’s capabilities for webinars and videoconferences, thereby overcoming the problem of physical meetings.
For clients, it means that they can now organise virtual or hybrid events safely, even in the future when the health crisis eases.
Photos by the Grimaldi Forum Monaco