New waste reduction website

Monaco residents can visit the city council’s new website to learn everything about disposing of household items for reuse and other waste reduction initiatives.

In keeping with the environmental standards and practices already in place in the Principality, the Monaco City Council and Monaco Durable Development (MC2D) have launched their new website, ‘Monaco Commits Against Waste’, as an upgrade and expansion on the old site ‘Monaco takes Action Against Food Waste’, which was started back in 2015.

As the old site focused solely on food waste, the MC2D and Marjorie Crovetto, Councillor in charge of the Living Environment, decided it was time to broaden the scope to include “actions of all forms of waste and to raise public awareness of the various related issues.”

The new website, found at, has five major sections. There is the original food waste section along with MEG collections, which promotes a circular economy through drives for toys, books, electronics and the like; an articles section that highlights actions being taken as well as environmental and sustainable development events; a links section to relevant websites; and finally a contact page to ask questions or get information.

Some of the highlights currently online are how to make cocktails from products that are at the end of their shelf life but still consumable and awareness programmes in school canteens on waste reduction.

Photo: Screenshot of the new website