Next MYS to feature Augmented Reality, NFT drops

New to the next Monaco Yacht Show will be the launch of an emissions-free superyacht design by 3Deluxe, which will be up for sale as an NFT (non-fungible token).
SuperWorld, the virtual real estate platform that has mapped the entire surface of the globe, has partnered with German design platform 3Deluxe to bring augmented reality (AR) experiences to attendees of the Monaco Yacht Show.
Next year in the Principality, 3Deluxe will present a design study for a zero-emission superyacht.
“Working with 3Deluxe is ideal for SuperWorld,” said SuperWorld Co-Founder and CEO Hrish Lotlikar. “Our vision is to help build a better world, and a move toward greater sustainability for yachts – or any form of transportation – aligns perfectly with our business model. This partnership gives us and our users the perfect opportunity to showcase AR and NFTs that affect profound change.”
The superyacht design will be available to view on the SuperWorld app and will go on sale as a NFT in SuperWorld’s NFT Salon during the show.
“Ideally, the ship will be made available by the future owner for educational purposes while it is at rest,” said the 3Deluxe team. “Our aim is to use the project as a communicative platform for discussion of the complex challenges of our time and as an unconventional location for summits, conferences and think tanks.”
With this enterprise, half the proceeds from the sale of the 3Deluxe superyacht’s NFT will go to Sea Change, a marine conservation association that produced the 2020 Oscar-winning documentary My Octopus Teacher, about a filmmaker who forged an unusual bond with an octopus living in the South Africa kelp forest.
The Monaco Yacht Show, similarly, is featuring more future-focused designs and emphasising a sustainable approach through new features like this year’s Yacht Design and Innovation Hub, where new products and innovative solutions in super yachting were on display. Additionally, exhibitors at the event were highly skewed toward designs that limit environmental damage and concentrated on sustainability through inventions like new propulsion systems that lessen emissions.
Visualisation by 3Deluxe